Why should any business invest in eVAC Tracker right now?

It’s been nearly 2 years since the COVID 19 pandemic took over our world. Although several countries are now able to provide vaccines and boosters to their citizens, this is not the case everywhere. Many are still struggling to get a hold of the vaccine, while others have had to pay 3-4x higher than others to get the same vaccine.


This situation just got more complicated with the emergence of the Omicron variant. After its origin being traced to South Africa, it was recently discovered in San Francisco in December 2021. Its early discovery led to a quick cascade of changes in the travel industry. For example, as opposed to getting tested within 72 hours of flying, we are now required to get a test 24 hours before flying into the United States. All of this is because of the uncertainty around the properties of Omicron.


Companies have been in a conundrum for the last several months, over vaccination and testing expectations of its employees. While many, especially those in tech, have allowed their employees to work from home indefinitely, businesses that are based in healthcare, retail, food, construction, mining and others do not have that option. Some of us have to work in close proximity with the rest of our team!


At Samsotech, we designed eVAC Tracker with a specific purpose in mind. We wanted to give our employees and ourselves, peace of mind. Our hard-working HR team was getting tired of manually tracking every employee’s testing and vaccination status. Monitoring if employees are following workplace safety policies, such as quarantining after travel overseas, or getting a test after someone in close contact tested positive, was adding on average of 10 hours to each of their busy weekly schedules.


As a growing company, and with a need to retain our fantastic team in Human Resources, we saw this is as a BIG problem. It is never okay to add additional tasks to an employee’s job description without their approval, or without an addition to their pay! We wanted to do whatever it took to show our team we valued them, prevent burnout and protect their emotional well-being. It also become an interesting challenge for our engineers to tackle- how could they harness the power of technology to help their colleagues in HR out- automate a previously cumbersome process?


This was how eVAC Tracker (electronic Vaccination Tracker) was born. We wanted to create a system that would only intimate Human Resources when it was truly important, and to automate the rest. We thought eVAC Tracker would only reduce the time HR previously dedicated to tracking & monitoring COVID 19 vaccination/testing status of employees. However, we were surprised to find that it did MUCH MORE.


eVAC Tracker has helped our HR team focus on their true job description. It has strengthened our internal culture because it demonstrates how the company cares about the health of each and every employee. Women of childbearing age are especially pleased with a system like eVAC Tracker that tracks close contact, reminds colleagues to test after travel, and issues alert when needed.


Apart from boosting employee productivity and satisfaction, our HIPAA compliant product- eVAC Tracker, has reduced the loss of unnecessary revenue. When workplace safety compliance is being tracked manually, it leaves room for human errors. In a business based in construction, food or retail, human errors can quickly affect your bottom line. eVAC Tracker has helped us and our clients manage our finances better, prevent layoffs, retain our people and improve our reputation in the market.


To hear more about eVAC Tracker and implement it in your business, contact us for a live demo at sampada@samsotech-id.com or info@samsotech-id.com. If you are a large company with multiple locations, ask us about our cost-effective enterprise-based solutions.