A powerful Passport/ID card scanning, reading and authentication system for Casinos to easily validate and monitor each visitor. The system also enables AML compliance and helps casinos to easily manage watch-lists, blacklists, alerts & notifications as well as generate several daily and weekly management reports.

​Samsotech eVERIFY is an ideal solution for gaming establishments as well as Hotels and enables them to easily comply with local regulatory requirements. Our Passport/ID scanning, reading and authenticating module can validate over 6,500+ ID documents worldwide.

​For large hotel establishment complexes that also manage Casinos & Gaming centers, Samsotech eVERIFY can be easily integrated into their Hotel PMS system. This unique integration will extend the capabilities of the smart features of the eVERIFY application to verify and authenticate the guests/visitors while checking-in these guests to their Hotel/Resort.

Key Features

Document Verification

Scan, authenticate, verify and validate visitors. Easily search & view prior visits and activities

Watch-list / Stop-list management

Create new watch-lists or import a list that you already have to stop any unwanted visitors and get alerts

Anti Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

Easily track & monitor all financial transactions real-time. Keep watch, record and report multiple and over limit transactions

Notification & Alerts

Fully automated and configurable alert system.


Audit Trails and logs, Suspicious activity reports, visitor & demographic reports, reports based on game transaction limits and many more.

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