Paperless Check-ins

Go Paperless! Go Green!

Samsotech eREG is an easy-to-use Electronic RegCard, Digital Folio & Signage system. It is ideally suited for the hospitality industry and helps users in reducing operational costs associated with printing and photo-copying of the RegCards and Folios by going digital.

The system helps hotels & resorts to reduce costs, improve organizational efficiency and strengthen their commitment towards becoming an eco-friendly organization by going green.

Samsotech eREG consists of an iPad, a digital pen and a web-based application for document archival. The system is compatible with all leading PMS systems worldwide including Oracle Opera PMS, Protel, Infor and many more.

Features and Benefits

  • Go Paper less with eREG cards & eFolios!
  • Enhance guest experience. Guests love it!
  • Improves staff efficiency; save costs
  • Easy search, view & archival
  • Wired & wireless options
  • Enables faster check-ins
  • Two-way interface with PMS systems to update guest profile from iPad

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