Hotels in several countries need to collect identification details (passport, visa, ID cards, etc,) of their guests during the check-in process. This is mainly to comply with local regulatory requirements and/or security purposes.

​VICAS (Visitor Identification Capture & Archiving System) is a networked system for Passport / ID card scanning, reading, processing and archiving. It is an easy-to-use scanning and reading system for Passports, VISA's, National ID Cards & Driver's Licenses and is ideally suited for the hospitality sector. It helps users in easy, fast, accurate and automated data entry of guest identification details in the computer systems. The systems are easily interfaced with respective local authority systems of countries and enable the hotels in sending the guest identification details to the local authorities in the required format or medium.

The system also eliminates the errors associated with manual data entry and creates an electronic database to enhance organization efficiency through easy storage, backup, searching, sorting and creating management reports.

​Our VICAS Hospitality Systems are customized for 96+ countries worldwide and are used by 5,200+ hotels globally.

Benefits of VICAS Systems

  • Flash camera based Passport/ID card readers with built in smart card/chip reading technology
  • One SCAN captures guest identification details for the local authorities systems as well as PMS systems
  • Our enhanced Passport/ID reading engine reads all Passports & 6.500+ National ID cards & Driver Licenses
  • Our advanced ID card reading engine for GCC ID cards can read Arabic as well as English text from the GCC ID cards
  • Auto conversion of Hijri calendar dates to English dates (for KSA IDs)
  • iPad compatibility systems for in-room VIP guest check-ins
  • Audit trail reports for enhanced security
  • Wide choice of reports available. Customized reports are available as per your requirements
  • Birthday Pop-ups, ID Expiry date notifications and many more
  • Enables faster guest check-in and legal compliance
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors; improves staff output
  • Digital storage eliminates costs on paper, printing, photocopying, filing and storage.

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