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do not always change the fundamentals!

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Why choose us?

9,450+ systems in 135+ countries.

Backed by a global perspective, we have the know-how to guide you and deliver world class business solutions, manage its successful implementation, foster a long-term relationship along with 24/7 support.

Out-of-the-box thinking

We dare to think differently, chase creativity with a passion and inspire innovation.

Creating value

We build meaningful customer relations by providing solutions that create value and generate greater ROI for them.

Enabling Legal compliance

We focus on delivering customized solutions that comply with country-specific and local regulatory requirements.

About Us

Bridging technologies, innovation and business

Samsotech is a leading global developer and supplier of innovative IT solutions to a variety of industries. Technological change is not new—but the pace at which it is happening is faster than ever before. We help organizations find greater success by enabling them to adapt to digital transformation platforms in a multi-dimensional way. Our solutions empower our customers with a competitive edge and flexibility in how they connect, interact and transact with their customers.

15+ years of experience

Established in 2007, we have now supplied over 9,450+ systems in 135+ countries. We provide 24/7 support to all our customers worldwide.

Pursuing excellence

We are constantly challenging our innovative ideas and processes to make it better than it already is.

Awards & Recognitions

Winner of 2019 The MRM Business Innovation Award, Dubai, UAE.
Finalist 2017 Ras-Al-Khaimah Business Excellence Award, RAKEZ, UAE.
2010 Best Specialist Partner Award, Fujitsu Global.

Our Vision

Leading the world with innovative identity solutions!

Our Mission

To select, nurture and develop our people with an environment that encourages continued learning, career growth and empowerment.

Our Values

Ethics shape the way we live, how we act and what we make. We are professional, trust-worthy and honest.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We empathize and act compassionately with our people, customers, partners and society. We embrace environment friendly and community welfare initiatives.

Our Customers and Integration Partners

Our Solutions

Delivering innovative solutions for a range of industry segments

Hotels & Resorts

A range of innovative guest facing technology solutions that will impress your guests and help you to save costs & generate more revenue.

Casinos and Pubs & Clubs

A suite of applications that includes Passport/ID reading, ID Authentication, Watchlist & Membership management, Legal compliance and many more.

Security Organisations

Enhance your customer's security using Samsotech ID Scanning Solutions interfaced with all leading Access control & Visitor Management Systems.


A range of innovative healthcare solutions for clinics, hospitals, NGO’s and medical organisations to support them and be a part of their commendable efforts in making this world a better place.

Airlines, Immigration & Border Control

A range of customized software solutions that include Passport/ID Reading solutions, Passport/ID Authentication, Traveler watch-list management and information archival.

Government Organisations

Customized software solutions to enhance Tourism & business intelligence, Information productivity, reporting and enhancing security.

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