An innovative Vaccine Administration System

COVID-19 Pandemic has adversely impacted lives and economies globally. Several leading pharmaceutical companies have now started mass producing vaccines. Governments globally are now keen to get their population vaccinated in a systematic manner.

Samsotech is pleased to introduce an easy-to-use digital system that will facilitate easy tracking, controlling and managing the vaccination programs. This system is complimented with advanced Passport/ID readers, Vital signs monitors, and 2D/3D barcode readers. The system is available as a standalone as well as networked solution with digital storage, archiving and reporting capabilities.

Key Features

Book Vaccination appointments or walk-in

Individuals can easily book appointments online and receive Email/SMS confirmations or simply walk-in for vaccination.

Speed up registration at the Vaccination Centre(s)

Use of Passport/ID readers enables fast, accurate and automated data entry of ID information as well as auto verification of previous vaccination records.

Easy capture of Pre-Vaccination Checklist

Manual/automated data entry of vital parameters (e.g. Blood pressure) as well as capture of pre-requsite information, pre-vaccination checklists, and view vaccination history, if any.

Record Vaccination information

Manual/automated capture of details such as Vaccine manufacturer, Lot Number,Date and time of administration, Name and title of the medical staff, Medical Centre details etc.

Create and Print Vaccination Record

Manual/automated capture of Individual contact information, Schedule for next dose, and print Vaccine information statement (VIS).

Reports and Dashboards

View overall statistics related to Vaccination and it’s administration on a user friendly dashboard and also generate several daily/weekly/monthly reports.

Typical System Flow