eVAC Tracker

eVAC Tracker helps individuals, teams, managers & HR departments with easy implementation of workplace health and safety policies. Centralized collection & management of workforce immunization, PCR and risk related data.

eVAC Tracker enables automated tracking, managing & streamlining of employee immunization & PCR records, implementation of safe back to office policies as well as compliance with local and federal regulations.

  • User-friendly dashboard with graphs and charts
  • Provides easy visibility to the health status of your workforce
  • Data transferable to excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to send alerts to specific teams or company-wide
  • Customized Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • Easily tack and manage data of employees with vaccine exemptions or accommodations
For Employees
  • Upload vaccination, PCR test certificates
  • Respond to alerts
  • Receive real time notifications
  • Encrypted, HIPAA compliant
For HR Department
  • Automated tracking based on employee health status changes
  • Creates automated tasks & reminders for employees
  • Enables easy compliance with local regulatory requirements
  • Reduces manual errors
For the Company
  • Strengthens commitment to a safer workplace
  • Tracks employee sentiments and boosts confidence
  • Improves employee productivity and company revenue
  • Manage risk, liability and reputation in the market

Employee Self-Service

Employee Profile
  • Mobile & web-based application for employees to declare vaccination, PCR and health information.
  • Facility to upload Vaccination certificates & PCR test results.
  • Upload accommodation document.
  • Self declare COVID status including close contact with COVID positive individuals if any.
Team Status
  • Ability to view team’s health status.
  • Plan in-person meetings, conferences or gatherings.
  • This can be configured as visible-only to team leaders or HR directors
  • Bird’s eye view of total active cases, so you can take followup actions - ask other to quarantine, get tested etc.!
Office Status
  • Office/building/floor over-view
  • Great to share with investors, at company meetings, to boost employee & investor/client confidence
  • Improves company culture
  • Shows employees how seriously you take their health
  • Improves reputation in the market

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