Contactless Check-ins

Never before has there been such a rapid change in how consumers “connect, interact and transact” with business. A contactless solution is now the way to go. Introducing Samsotech Engage, an all-in-one, multi-platform contactless check-in and check-out solution for hotels. This innovative platform will give your guests more flexibility in how they “connect, interact and transact” with your hotel. The system will in turn help hotels to achieve a greater RevPAR, increase guest loyalty and satisfaction levels as well as promote direct Hotel Bookings through Hotel websites.

The system will help hotels to speed up the check-in by engaging the guest to participate in the processes that the hotel has to comply with. Guests can use their own personal devices like smartphones or tablets and can complete the Pre-Check-in formalities. The system can also be easily integrated with E-Commerce payment platforms as well as with Kiosks for ensuring automated verification of the guests as well as for collecting the Room Keys.

Samsotech Engage system also helps hotels to comply with the local regulatory requirements by easy integration available with VICAS Hospitality Systems.

Finally, it’s a solution for the new normal that allows the guest to Check-in with no physical or material contact in the hotel reception.

Features and Benefits

  • Seamless Contactless Check-In & Check-Out functions 
  • Minimal Person-to-Person touch interactions
  • Increase revenue via easy upselling online 
  • Achieve a greater RevPAR
  • Increase guest loyalty and satisfaction levels
  • Promotes direct Hotel bookings
  • eRegistration Cards, eFolios and Signature capture 
  • Passport/ID Capture as well as Selfie for additional security and verifications
  • Collect Guest Preferences and Special Requests 
  • Real-time & two-way Integration with Hotel PMS 
  • Supports Payment Integration, Bluetooth Keys
  • Easy integration with VICAS Hospitality System & Samsotech eREG System

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