ANPR (Automated Vehicle Number Plate Reading System)

Samsotech ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) is a network-based, easy-to-use system that consists of a digital IP camera in a compact enclosure, equipped with an IR LED illuminator and customized software. The system once installed will help the establishments to easily track and record the vehicle entry and exit details onto their premises.

​Most of the countries in the Gulf require Hotels, Shopping Malls, and several other Public and Office Buildings to implement ANPR Cameras as a regulatory requirement to closely monitor the vehicle entry and exit. Samsotech ANPRConnect is an ideal system that will satisfy the local regulatory requirements by automating the capture of vehicle entry and exits and generating daily and weekly reports. The systems can also be integrated with the local authority systems easily.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty ANPR camera
  • Global leading algorithms for Vehicle Number Plate reading
  • Scan and read Number Plates from more than 180+ countries worldwide including Arabic Number Plates
  • Easy to use application, easy search,  retrieval and information archival
  • Captures vehicle entry and exit details with timestamp including the vehicle images
  • Easily create watchlists, blacklists and approved lists
  • Easy interface with local authorities’ system for sending captured information.
  • Digital Storage of information on a secured database for eash search and retrieval
  • Reduces manual data entry errors

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