Vicas Flight Manifest

VICAS Flight Manifest is an easy-to-use scanning and reading system for passports & ID cards. It helps airline staff in easy, fast, accurate and automated data entry of passenger identification details in their computer systems.

In a busy airport atmosphere, prompt reading and scanning of documents go a long way in ensuring the success of operations. Additionally, our systems are also capable of authenticating ID documents (optional).

Benefits of Samsotech systems

  • Flash camera imaging for faster guest check-in; saves time
  • ‚ÄčAutomates the process of ID document collection, submission & filing
  • Available with iPad and Android based Mobile Scanning Solutions for in-room VIP guest check-in
  • Generates Flight Manifest reports in the required format
  • Mobile solution available for chartered flights
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors
  • Auto-cropping, auto-rotating and re-sizing of images
  • Improves staff output
  • Easy search, track, sort, print and report generation capabilities
  • Provides digital storage; saves costs of document copying, filing and storage