The importance of identity verification in your business

I went to see my chiropractor this morning. They are a small office that sees one patient at a time in an old building located in downtown San Francisco. I chose them because they are in-network with my medical insurance. 

On my first appointment, the receptionist asked for my ID. She got out an iPad, took a picture of the card- front and back, fiddled with auto-cropping and sizing for a few minutes, checked my insurance, and then let me see the doctor. After getting my spine adjusted, I asked why they needed to see my ID and grab a picture of it. ‘Unfortunately, we see a lot of insurance and identity fraud every day. Every single person who comes into the office is wearing a mask which makes it even harder to verify each patient. Not verifying ID cards, often creates an issue because of payments and insurances that are associated with the account. We have been taking a picture of patients’ ID’s for a long time.

Verifying patient identity with their insurance information can save even a small office, like that of my chiropractor, significant pain down the line. Most medical insurances don’t even offer chiropractic care as a covered benefit until you have reached a certain deductible. So, it becomes even more important for these offices to track ID cards in order to be paid correctly, reduce ID fraud, and meet their needed expenses. 

Samsotech has built its expertise in ID reading over the last 15 years. We don’t just scan ID’s and check for validity. Our award-winning software reads the data on ID’s and auto-fills it into your preferred format, thereby saving your office staff time, and providing a speedy interaction with customers. Our software can be customized to industry-specific standards and helps clients track, sort through thousands of documents and generate required reports.

We initially started our journey in Dubai by providing our services to boutique hotels and hospitality groups. Our success in hospitality paved the way for our entry into other markets. Hospitals, dental offices, chiropractic care, restaurant groups, bars, casinos, and cannabis dispensaries are all industries that require ID verification for a multitude of reasons. 

Use our streamlined solution and make it easier for your front office staff to manage customers. Download our software on your iPad, or buy our complete hardware setup. Require PMS and ERP integration? We are leaders in the ID scanner and verification market and have associations with all the leading vendors. Help us, help you. Take care of your business.

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