Flash Camera Scanners

flash camera scanners flash camera scanners1
  • Flash camera imaging for faster guest check-in; saves time
  • Flash camera technology
  • Ultra fast Imaging & reading time
  • Fast and Reliable Imaging & reading process
  • Optional chip reading function for selected ID cards
  • High accuracy by use of IR imaging
  • The built-in cameras in the new passport reader take high resolution (2048x1536 pixel, 24bit color depth) images of documents that are put into the device.
  • Image Sensor: 3 Megapixels, Image resolution: 400 PPI, Image Color Depth: 24 bits/pixel
  • Visual, IR and optional UV imaging capability
  • Size 213 X 173 X 179 mm, Weight 2.35Kg
  • USB 2.0 interface with Samsotech VICAS system

Mobile Devices

mobile devices mobile devices1