Immigration and Border Control Authorities worldwide need a centralized system for recording and monitoring traveler entry and exit details. Samsotech VICAS Immigration is ideally suited for automated scanning and reading of Passports, Visas and ID cards that meet the above requirements. Our systems are successfully implemented across various border control and immigration check points.

We also offer portable document scanning and reading solutions. This is a packaged solution in a suitcase that consists of a flash camera document scanner with provisions for external battery power and space for a compact laptop. Additionally, our systems are also capable of authenticating ID documents (optional).

Samsotech Systems also offers customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Fast, secure and easy to use Desktop or Mobile Solutions
  • Can be supplied with visa issuance systems and related payment collection systems
  • Improves traveler comfort and staff output
  • Easy search, track, view, printing of details
  • Generates management reports
  • Minimizes manual data entry errors
  • Digital storage

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