Hotels in several countries need to collect identification details (passport, visa, ID cards, etc,) of their guests during the check in process. This is mainly to comply with local regulatory requirements and/or security purposes.

Samsotech VICAS (Visitor Identification Capture & Archiving System) currently used in 120+ countries, meets the above hotel requirements. VICAS electronically scans and READS passports, visas, driver licenses & ID cards, and creates digital storage of identification details. Our systems are customized to send guest information to the local authorities. We also have similar systems for Clubs, Pubs & Casinos.

We have certified interfaces with leading Property Management Systems (PMS) worldwide.

  • Flash camera imaging for faster guest check-in; saves time
  • Available with iPad and Android based Mobile Scanning Solutions for in-room VIP guest check-in
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors
  • Auto-cropping, auto-rotating and re-sizing of images
  • Provides digital storage; saves costs of document copying, filing and storage
  • Easy search, track, sort, print and report generation capabilities
  • Automates the process of ID document collection, submission & filing
  • Improves staff output

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