Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Passport Scanner is an electronic device that enables the user to scan and read all machine readable Passports, ID Cards and Driver Licenses and electronically save these information on to a computer system.

Though they sound very similar there are can be some differences depending on the model of the Passport Scanner/Reader. Some earlier models of Passport scanners can only scan Passport/ID image and save these images electronically in computer systems. Whereas modern age Passport Scanners have built in readers that can OCR all machine readable Passport/VISA/ID cards and Driver Licenses and hence they are also called as Passport Readers.

Passports/ID cards are scanned and verified usually at Airports, Immigration offices, Hotels and other local regulatory bodies.

Yes, Samsotech Passport Scanning systems have advanced Passport/ID authentication module that can easily detect and alert the user when a fake or tampered Passport/ID card is scanned in the Samsotech systems.

Yes. Passport Scanners can be easily interfaced with Hotel PMS system. Samsotech Passport/ID scanners have certified interfaces with all leading PMS systems worldwide. This will help hotel establishments to easily automate the capturing of guest profile information and update their PMS.

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